I Like Big Bundts

Inspired by The Food Librarian (30 bundts in 30 days!), I decided to make a bundt cake tonight for National Bundt Day. I glanced through all the cookbooks in the house and found a recipe for Chocolate Whiskey Bundt Cake in Gourmet Today. While my 19-month-old danced around the kitchen, I threw this together and had it cooling by bedtime. Put the kids to bed and then enjoyed the bundt cake by the fire with my husband. We pronounced the cake delicious. The cookbook warns that you should choose a whiskey you enjoy because the flavor really comes through in the cake. They were right. I used Jack Daniels because that’s what we had in the house, but I’m wishing we would have had some of our usual Woodford Reserve bourbon on hand. That would have been even better.

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One Response to I Like Big Bundts

  1. cornellflip says:

    Cake that healthy bundt!

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